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Frequently Asked Wallpaper Questions

How do I know how much wallpaper to buy?
First measure the length of your wall, then the height of it. Multiply the two numbers to get the area in square feet. Divide the number by the square footage that your roll covers. Round up to get the number of rolls you need. You can find more answers to frequently asked wallpaper questions on the National Guild of Professional Paper Hangers' website.

Where can I buy your wallpaper?
The wallpaper is available from Judit's online store, or you can visit a retailer near you.

Can I get a sample before committing to buying the rolls?
Yes, of course! Please send an email to contact@juditgueth.com with your address and the names of the designs and I will send you a small swatch free of change.

Will the wallpaper damage my walls when I try to remove it?
No, the wallpaper won't damage your walls. When you try to remove your wallpaper it will most likely come off in one piece. It will only pull paint off, when it was already chipped before installation.

Do I need paste for my wallpaper?
Yes. The wallpaper is unpasted. Please visit your local retailer of wallpaper pastes to find a suitable one for your walls.

How long does it take to ship or for backorders? If the wallpaper is in stock, your order will ship within a day or two. If it's on backorder, printing takes 4-6 weeks. Orders are shipped via UPS standard, unless the customer requires a different shipping method. Orders from overseas are usually shipped using Canada Post. The wallpaper is printed in the US. If you are in the US, it will ship straight from the printer.

Frequently Asked Rug Questions

My rug has fluff on it. Is it defective?
No, all wool rugs "shed" for a few weeks. The amount of shedding depends of how much foot-traffic it gets. Regular vacuuming should keep those fluff pieces in check.

What's the difference between hand-tufted and hand-knotted rugs?
Hand-tufted rugs are made using a hand-gun that inserts tufts of yarn into the canvas, which has the design on it. After the yarn is in place, the rug is sheared to the desired pile height. Hand-tufted rug designs are glued to a cotton backing using latex. The disadvantage of tufted rugs is that they don't have a long life-span. Hand-knotted rugs are made by individual knots, tied by hands of skilled artisans. There is no backing. You can see the design on the reverse side of the rug as well. The tighter the weave is, or the more knots the carpet has per square inch, the better quality it is. Judit Gueth Design's hand-knotted rugs are 100 knots per square inch quality.

Do I need a rug pad?
Hand-tufted rugs have cotton backing and they are don't buckle as easily as thinner rugs, like hand-knotted rugs. Usually hand-tufted rugs work well without a pad unless you find it slippery on your floor), but hand-knotted rugs have a better grip if they have one.

Do you do custom rug design?
Yes, we welcome commissions for custom rug. The price per square foot is the same for custom rugs as for rugs in stock. Applicable design fees are extra (depending on complexity). You can also bring your own design and it will be redrawn to make it suitable for manufacturing. You're welcome to bring your child's drawing to create a one-of-a-kind rug or your company logo to use as a marketing tool. We only accept designs for custom rugs that you have the right to use and reproduce.

Can I change colours or size on existing designs?
Yes, you can select different colours or order a different size for any existing design at no extra charge.

My rug is a bit different than the one in the picture.
These rugs are hand-made, and can have small imperfections, like slight variations in colour or design. This doesn't mean your rug is defective. These variations add to your rug's beauty. Machine-made rugs would probably be perfect, so you'll have to find the type of rug that suits your decor.

How long does it take to ship a rug from India? If you ship your rug by boat, it takes 3-4 months. You also have other options, like shipping by air or by courier, which takes about a week.

Frequently Asked General Questions

I'm an interior design professional. Do I qualify for a discount?
Yes, we do offer a generous trade discount. Please contact Judit by email:contact@juditgueth.com or by phone: 416.428.6627/1.866.902.8102 to discuss a trade account.

I'm a retailer and I'd like to carry your products in my store.
Yes, we offer rugs and wallpaper at wholesale prices. Please contact Judit for details by email:contact@juditgueth.com or by phone: 416.428.6627/1.866.902.8102

Can I pick my item up?
Yes. Please contact Judit to arrange an appointment.by email:contact@juditgueth.com or by phone: 416.428.6627/1.866.902.8102

Do you have any job openings?
No, at this time Judit Gueth Design doesn't accept applications, however,we're always looking for a seamstress for commissions.

I'm an emerging designer and I want to get my designs manufactured into products. Where can I do that?
Judit Gueth Design does NOT share manufacturing information. It is, like, financial, marketing, research and development information, considered proprietary information.

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