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Judit Gueth hand-tufted and hand-knotted rugs made of pure
		New Zealand wool, digitally printed wallpaper and custom rug design in Toronto
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HP Latex Printing on Pearlized paper: This beautiful substrate has a subtle sheen giving the design a light glow without being overtly shiny. HP Latex printing results in high quality images. HP Latex Technologies were designed to reduce the environmental footprint by replacing solvent based inks with water based environmentally friendly options. The aqueous-dispersed polymer ("Latex") contains no Hazardous Air Particles, no biocides. It is non-flammable, non-toxic, odourless and emits extremely low VOCs. The wallpaper has a "Class A" fire rating. Please note, that all designs shown on pearlized paper are also available as matt and vice versa.
Clockwork Steel - Style DWP0023
Judit Gueth Clockwork Steel wallpaper
								digitally printed, pre pasted wallpaper in Toronto The Clockwork Steel wallpaper features a damask design using clock gear as design elements. The colours soft and pastel, the upscale silver gray is complimented by blue and gray tones.

The wallpaper is sold in rolls. Each roll is 24' wide and 5 yards long covering about 33 square feet.
The wallpaper is untrimmed and unpasted. There is no minimum order. If you're looking for a different colour, please ask about custom colour possibilities.

Pattern repeat: 24" horizontally and vertically.
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Judit Gueth Clockwork Steel wallpaper
Judit Gueth Cockwork Steel wallapper repeat
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